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Many districts embrace and embark on a “Portrait of a Graduate” that defines student success as a graduate. But how does a district go beyond the definition and implementation to truly understand if students are growing in the competencies of a successful graduate? Abre provides a platform and framework for delivering the success.


OSBA: Student Success by Zachary Vander Veen

Abre’s Student Success framework empowers districts to define a community-based vision for transforming education – and then translate that vision into action. Many schools are familiar with the Portrait of a Graduate framework founded by Battelle for Kids. That process:

Helps you identify your shared aspirations as you engage with your broader community to consider these important questions:

What are the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that our community has for its students?

What are the skills and mindsets our children need for success in this rapidly changing, complex world?

What are the implications for the design of the learning experiences—and equitable access to those experiences—we provide in our school systems?

[Battelle’s] Portrait of a Graduate design process engages the education system and the broader community—educators, students, elected officials, community members, families— to help you build a unifying, collective vision for your students. Bringing together these diverse perspectives is essential for enduring educational transformation.

Battelle for Kids

Simply defining a portrait of a graduate is only part of the process. Abre’s Student Success provides the tools to:

  • Determine and define success
  • Capture growth
  • Communicate with the full community

A Brief Overview

Basic Vocabulary and Structure


  • Badge: Top-level competency defined by the school
  • Skills: Skills students demonstrate
  • Portfolios: A group of artifacts
  • Artifacts: Items a student shares that demonstrate growth towards a particular badge
  • Staff Advisor: A staff member who reviews artifacts


Student Success consists of Badges. Badges contain skills that can be tied to standards and grade levels.

How do students show mastery towards these badges and skills?

They create portfolios. Portfolios contain artifacts that demonstrate mastery.

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