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If I Put AI in my Product Name…a BCESC Presentation

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The market for AI and ML products is the wild west as the industry attempts to understand what schools desire and need. This session examines the state of the industry and the significant questions it faces. School leaders will be empowered to ask honest questions of vendors and to help define their particular needs.

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BCESC AI Presentation by Zachary Vander Veen

Presentation Outline


Why do we care about this subject? And do we (or anyone) have a sense of what is needed when it comes to AI/ML in K12 education.

Open Discussion: When you think of AI/ML in K12 education, how do you understand it?

Let’s see if we have a baseline!

Learning: The Different Types of AI and ML

They produce different outcomes. Some are easier than others for vendors to use. Some are incredibly hard (and expensive) to use. Schools should understand what can be commoditized and where the costs might be.

Open Discussion: After the learning, what do you see as the most pressing needs that AI/ML can realistically solve?

Practical questions.

How Abre thinks of AI – and How We Think It Might Work

A demonstration of how Abre uses AI and ML. Essentially a focus group. Does this make sense?

Final Questions

(And maybe some answers)



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