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Using Data to Support Your Strategic Plan

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Many districts write strategic plans that define the goals they want to achieve in the future and how they will achieve those goals. Creating a plan is a formal process that takes considerable work, input, and evaluation. While Abre is not directly involved in writing a district’s strategic plan, we can help schools understand if they are achieving these goals. We can help communicate growth to all stakeholders.

And we do this in a way that creates many efficiencies for districts.


OSBA: Strategic Plan Presentation by Zachary Vander Veen

Our Fictional School Used as an Example

Franklin Schools has five core goals in their strategic plan. Broadly:

  1. Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics
  2. Goal 2: Increase High School Graduation Rates and College Readiness
  3. Goal 3: Improve Attendance and Reduce Chronic Absenteeism
  4. Goal 4: Increase Parent and Community Engagement
  5. Goal 5: Increase Student Social-Emotional Learning and Student Wellness

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